Slowly we are really turning up the heat // Fourth LICHTER Filmfest


LIGHTER, round four. Slowly we are really turning up the heat. Because the LICHTERs are present all year round, both in the region and abroad. With our cooperation partners, for example the Maincafé, the Frankfurter Kunstverein, the eDIT Filmmaker's Festival, the Capitol Kino in Mainz or the E-Kinos in Frankfurt, we present the most exciting films from the Rhine-Main region in a wide variety of locations. With our friends in Lyon, Birmingham and Bologna, we have recently also succeeded in giving productions from the region a stage abroad. On our own boards, the ERSTEN STOCK, we attract a diverse audience: Argentinean video art at the book fair, the lectures of the "Frankfurter Sequenzen", readings like the one by Hans Nieswandt and of course our legendary party series.

LICHTER also remains present by making acquaintances, conceiving projects and initiating partnerships during our four festival days. This is exemplified by the film "Frankfurt Coincidences" by Enkelejd Luca, for which Sung-Hyung Cho provided the MBF grant from 2009. It will celebrate its premiere at the Filmfest München and will definitely be shown at the LICHTERN 2012.

Of course, the preparation of the LICHTERs itself was again a lot of fun for us, because something is happening in the film region. Ambitious German and international projects have been shot in Rhine-Main or supported by the Hessian Film Fund and Hessen Invest. In this way, those responsible seem to be following up on the initial successes of the economic support, which had produced works of world cinema, by Apichatpong Werasathakul or Bruno Dumont. Many filmmakers from Frankfurt and the surrounding area are once again presenting many remarkable productions, especially documentaries that focus on the many facets of the region.

The LICHTER sees its task in bringing these levels together and presenting the entire spectrum of filmmaking from the Rhine-Main region. The creative fabric of a region needs many components to hold together properly; a lively local cultural scene as well as lighthouse projects and economically successful ventures. This should not be a contradiction - and the LICHTER shows that the whole city benefits when all sides work together. For example, our festival would not be possible - in addition to funding from public sponsors from the city, state and region - without the support of successful media companies such as satis&fy and MBF. And even beyond the industry, there are entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about independent culture: Gert Rieche and his daughter Anabell Wolff, the owners of the old Turmpalast, who have provided us with the space for the FIRST STOCK for almost two years now, are a good example of this. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our neighbors, who have patiently put up with many an acoustic escapade of the Frankfurt Bohème.

But the biggest thanks at the end goes to the real heart of the festival: the constantly growing LICHTER team. For it is not a matter of course to realize such an extensive, stubborn and elaborate film festival with great energy and unwavering talent for improvisation. We are looking forward to you as a curious audience and thus to four extraordinary festival days!

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. The City Below: Regional Feature Film Competition
2. Nydenion: Regional Feature Film Competition
3. The Big Eden: Regional Feature Film Competition
4. At Ellen’s Age: Regional Feature Film Competition
5. Bedways: Regional Feature Film Competition
6. Algérie, mon amour: Regional Feature Film Competition
7. Moon Conspiracy: Regional Feature Film Competition
8. Khodorkovsky
9. The Digital Bomb
10. The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams: Children's Film
11. Vortex: International Feature Film Programme
12. Earth of the Blind: International Feature Film Programme
13. Apostle of Ruins: International Feature Film Programme
14. Flying Over the Blue Fields: International Feature Film Programme
15. Harbour: International Feature Film Programme
16. Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania: International Feature Film Programme
17. Eastern Drift: International Feature Film Programme
18. The Corridor: International Feature Film Programme
19. The Man Who Will Come: International Feature Film Programme
20. The Wolberg Family: International Feature Film Programme
21. Green Crayons: International Feature Film Programme
22. Let’s Go to Birmingham: International Short Film Programme
23. Special People: International Short Film Programme
24. Swimming Pool: International Short Film Programme
25. Codswallop: International Short Film Programme
26. Assault: International Short Film Programme
27. Block B: International Short Film Programme
28. Interview with the Earth: International Short Film Programme
29. Platzwunder
30. Auf der Suche nach dem Glück