Third LICHTER Filmfest // This year’s programme :: 2010 ::


We have never complained about too much money. On the contrary, the LICHTERs agree with the widespread complaints about the inadequacy of public cultural funding, especially for independent projects (and rightly so). The fact that the financial balance sheet for 2009 was subsequently dragged into the red by bureaucratic hurdles has once again raised some doubts in the team about the principles of cultural funding. On the other hand, the expansion of our festival center last year showed us that LICHTER has a great deal of capital elsewhere: The tireless efforts of our ever-growing LICHTER crew and, above all, the unbureaucratic and cooperative Turmpalast owner Gert Rieche have turned the vacant restaurant space above the cinema into a highlight of Frankfurt's cultural life: the ERSTEN STOCK. The parties, concerts and lectures have experienced a popularity we could only have imagined in our wildest dreams.

What has driven us in recent months has been our team, our loyal guests and the attentive spirits in the media who have taken note of our goings-on - for example in a cover story in the Journal Frankfurt or in the cultural highlights 2009 of the F.A.S. It is thanks to all of you that the LICHTER Filmtage has been able to continue and grow: 30 films and a rich supporting program with top-class video art, discussion rounds and, last but not least, culinary delights await you over the four days. "The Festival in the We and Now" was thus already yesterday, is today and shall likewise continue tomorrow. With our kind of capital, we have once again managed to put together an attractive program - within the limits of the existing funding situation, which is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Many people have helped us: the City of Frankfurt, the State of Hesse and our private supporters - our thanks go to them.

We are no longer whining. But the potential and commitment of a large creative community continue to wait for proper capital, as the financial center deserves. This booklet and the festival are therefore also an application for future allies. Together, we can make this city even brighter.

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. Faith: Regional Feature Film Competition
2. Karat 14: Regional Feature Film Competition
3. Wenn Ärzte töten: Regional Feature Film Competition
4. Tears of April: Regional Feature Film Competition
5. 13 Semester: Regional Feature Film Competition
6. Herrenkinder: Regional Feature Film Competition
7. Andreas Baader – Das Leben eines Staatsfeindes: Regional Feature Film Competition
8. Henners Traum – Das größte Tourismusprojekt Europas:
9. Plastic Planet
10. Happy End: International Feature Film Programme
11. Nurse.Fighter.Boy: International Feature Film Programme
12. Out in That Deep Blue Sea: International Feature Film Programme
13. La paura: International Feature Film Programme
14. Pasolini prossimo nostro: International Feature Film Programme
15. Seeking Asylum: International Feature Film Programme
16. Life as a Corporate Holiday: International Feature Film Programme
17. Fists in the Pocket: International Feature Film Programme
18. Oneheadword Protection: International Short Film Programme
19. With a Little Patience: International Short Film Programme
20. The Snowman: Film Classics
21. Trick or Treaters: Film Classics