Indiscreet ★★★½

Doris: “Would you like some lobster?”
Anna: “I don’t want the lobster! I want a man! I need a man tonight, here, right now.”

My undying love for Cary Grant is reaffirmed once again. He and Ingrid Bergman’s chemistry is absolutely electric, but that comes as no surprise given how they were in Notorious. Cary is especially romantic in this film. There is such a softness in his face when he looks at her, and they share many tender moments that turned me into absolute mush. But if they were not the lead actors, I would have given this film a pretty bad rating. It’s just such a weak plot in my opinion, and it doesn’t become remotely interesting until about 30 min towards the end. Cary and Ingrid being two lovebirds is really the reason I stayed engaged. Ohhh and Cary dancing and tapping his feet made me insanely happy! Definitely one I will revisit, primarily to see Cary Grant being a gentle romantic and tapping his feet haha!

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