The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer ★★★½

Cary Grant acting like the cool kids: 
“Mellow greetings, yookie dookie!
”Ready boot, let’s scoot!”
“I don’t dig ya chick!”

Shirley Temple fawning over Cary Grant is extremely relatable 🤣 I think she gives a brilliant performance, and she definitely steals all the scenes she is in. She’s simply gorgeous, and an underrated beauty. Cary acting all hip and cool is hilarious, cause it’s soooo against type, but he still oozes incredible charm. Myrna Loy’s performance just seems a little flat, not among my favorite of hers by far. The pace of the film is quite slow, and the comedy falls short in quite a few scenes. Not among the best in any of their filmographies, but still a treat to watch!

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