Klaus ★★★★

The visuals of this movie are absolutely spellbinding. I remember watching this about three times over Winter Break, and each time I was mesmerized with the animation and characters. I had brought my family to watch it with me. 

The film has a very simple plot that’s fairly overused, but that did not really take away from the film’s magic. However—there was one thing that did: The soundtrack (although it wasn’t really bad till towards the second half of the movie). This was the PERFECT opportunity to bring in traditional Scandinavian music with a bit of a Christmas twist, but we got Zara Larsson’s “Invisible”—just another cheap piece of pop. Imagine how much more charming the movie could have been with music to match the quality and originality of the visuals!

With animation this stunning, I do think there was a missed opportunity when it came to the overall film. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is my favorite Christmas movie (coming from someone who dislikes Christmas movies in general) and I hope that Sergio Pablos and other animation studios gift us with more visually spectacular 2D films. A colorful and diverse pallet of animation is something modern cinema needs.

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