A Moment of Innocence ★★★★½

This film caught my attention because of the poster art and title of the film. " A Moment of Innocence" sounds very pretty, and I like how the word "Innocence" just looks visually. My first film by Mohshen Makhmalbaf, and the second film that I have seen from the Iranian second wave. I watched " Where Is My Friend's House" by Abbas Kiarostami before this film, and I enjoyed that film, but it did not leave me as moved as I was expecting.

"A Moment of Innocence" was an extraordinary film. With a political undertone throughout the entire film, and tells the semi-biographical account of the director Makhmalbaf's event in his youth when he stabbed a police officer when he was living in Iran. The play with narrative was very impactful in portraying the story, and while I was watching I noticed that there were two narratives being told at the same time. The actual story of the event and the fictional event being portrayed on the screen. As the viewer progresses through this film, the story really unfolds and combines the two narratives at the same time.

What was the actual "Moment of Innocence"? Was it the conversations that we have when we are young and want to save "Mankind", but during that time we have no concept of how complex the world is around us.

This was a great film, and I am looking forward to watching more from Mohshen Makhmalbaf.

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