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  • Driving with My Wife's Lover

    Driving with My Wife's Lover


    LIFE AS FICTION — Through a meticulously tracked black dramedy, Kim explores adultery through the eyes of both willing and accidental participants. The film’s demeanor is understating but effective, often light-hearted in the face of what would generally turn into a violent revenge-fest in similar genre films. While Chungmuro continues to focus on bloated, mediocrity that’s being inspired by Hollywood, Driving With My Wife's Lover keeps it simple yet engaging. The story, the pacing and the purposefully flat-footed acting are…

  • Be with Me

    Be with Me


    LIFE AS FICTIONBe with Me is structurally flawed. On a pure fundamental basis, the trio of stories that create the network within the film should each have a similar level of importance and screentime to keep the balance, right? Khoo decides otherwise and starts to increase the focus on a specific one as the film progresses, weaving in a documentary style because, as we find out, one of the characters is actually a real person—Theresa Chan, the Singapore…

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  • Prometheus



    LIFE AS FICTION Michael Fassbender is the best android ever: This, sadly, is the one true takeaway from Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien universe. If forced to admit another, it would be that the elder Scott brother has now further cemented himself as arguably the single most overrated director working today. For him, style over substance has become par for course, and while that isn’t a bad thing, it’s consistently kept him from being great since 1982. His…

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero


    Meta before meta was cool. Also: Hamlet and The Seventh Seal.