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    the kind of little gem that rly makes me miss taking all the multiple flights of escalators up to the tippy top of amc empire 25, eating sour patch kids and sippin on an icee, and covertly vaping... honestly pretty clever fusion of supernatural horror & techno-thriller/teen comedy & family melodrama. the backup cam gag is truly chef's kiss. Guinevere Beck from You is my kween

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    american demonlover

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    it thunders a lot in this movie but it never rains

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    so i thought this was fun enough after i left the theater, better than most things i see with my family during the holidays, even if i was mentally checking my watch a few times and felt it starting to drag on. but the more i've thought about it, the more my opinion of it has gone down. it's unbearably cringy, with don johnson making a hamilton reference and chris evans calling a character an "sjw." there's an "alt-right troll"…