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  • Blind Fury

    Blind Fury


    lately it's been almost impossible for me to give my full attention to any movie and yet i keep making myself watch them bc i honestly don't know what else to do. anyway, originally i was gonna throw out my VHS dub of this but some of the spots where the tape is starting to eat itself look pretty cool.

    chris holmlund vhs project 8/?

  • Lancelot of the Lake

    Lancelot of the Lake


    bresson finally starting to click

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    it thunders a lot in this movie but it never rains

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    strangely, the only key with which i've been able to unlock any part of this movie is lynch's bizarre 2006 interview with alex jones after the austin premiere of INLAND EMPIRE. jones, in-between badgering lynch for his views on 9/11 truther conspiracies, pressures him to explain and make plain INLAND EMPIRE, the most baffling film in a baffling body of work. time and again lynch refers jones to the subtitle of INLAND EMPIRE: "a woman in trouble." so i've decided…