Mountains May Depart

Mountains May Depart ★★★★★

"nobody can be with you all through life. we're fated to be apart."

"the slow train gives me a bit more time with you."

honestly, movie of the life. gets better every time i watch it. all things erode- time, relationships, language, cultural heritage, even digital technologies. this time, i saw Mountains May Depart on a tiny in-flight screen, which made it even more poignant. air travel slices through space and cuts through time in a way that renders those two binding concepts meaningless, while also imbuing us with a reflexive power that has the potential to make them more meaningful, at least in that we become more aware of how time and space directly affect our bodies and relationships. directions and departure times become slippery; all that remains is the jet lag. as our cultural identifications become increasingly blurred, almost everything erodes except for the impact on our bodies.

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