We're All Going to the World's Fair

We're All Going to the World's Fair ★★★★

this movie reminded me of two things:

1. this one time i was on shrooms and somehow ended up on a twitch stream by a user named "lil cocksucker" and he was just some like 19 year old kid in a shitty bedroom with his mattress pushed up against the wall getting drunk off a handle of jack and doing yo yo tricks and giving weird dating advice to no one. i started interacting with him and getting him to say or do weird shit and then he put this like, deep bass barry white chopped and screwed vocal filter on his voice and started like, vaguely rapping, so i was like "do a freestyle dude" and somehow got this kid to do a freestyle for me and just me. then he talked about how he was getting fucked up even though he was starting a new job tomorrow as a covid tracer and i started to feel weird about how i could get this kid to seemingly do anything and then i logged off

2. this youtube account i used to be obsessed with called "humanbeing151." dude would upload dozens of videos weekly, pretty much all with titles like "NEW EXCLUSIVE P DIDDY TRACK JUST LEAKED" and then you'd click on it and it'd be all this creepy text like "brother diddy i have a very important message for you, please read your myspace inbox, i need to talk to you puff daddy." then one day all the videos disappeared and he uploaded one more, which is ten silent minutes of this dude wandering around a house that is COMPLETELY FILLED with spiral notebooks, like literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of spiral notebooks, and occasionally he flips thru the notebooks and page after page all they say is "brother diddy please accept" and "mr diddy all this hard work i have done for you." ultimately it was just some very weird scammer guy who was trying to game the early youtube algorithm to promote his music and over time it mutated into a folkloric creepypasta that wormed its way into my brain and still kinda terrifies me to this day even though i know it isn't real

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