Superstition ★★½

"Shut your bitchy mouth!"

In the 1600s, murdering accused witches was the new hot trend. When the townspeople got together to use it as an excuse to randomly kill a woman they accidentally picked a real witch. Too bad the inquisition didn't have the foresight to see how this could harm the realty market in 1982. After a few dozen or so murders on the church owned land where the witch was drowned, the local government finally begin to pressure the church into doing something about it. That means the alcoholic middle aged pastor with the kids and family should move into the house near the lake where everyone else who has ever lived in it has died strangely. Makes sense to me. This makes Superstition either a story about an evil witch or a cautionary tale about eminent domain. The government needs to keep its filthy hands off of the individual's right to self management of their witch curses! Get the government out of witchcraft! USA! USA! USA!

Superstition has some fun stuff going for it - namely some really great, varied, and generally creative deaths throughout the movie - but the flat acting, poorly defined characters, a score that sounds like someone's tone-deaf kid trying to play video game boss battle themes on their first Casio keyboard, and a plot that is at turns simplistic and nonsensical keep this from being a diamond in the rough.

It is safe to say this movie is uneven. It starts off bad, gets much better after the first head explosion, and then gets excruciatingly slow in the middle. The climax of the movie is great in the way that only bleak horror brutality can be great, but then it sort of apes the Friday the 13th ending which knocks it back down a rung.

That's the only thing that Superstition really rips off though, so it deserves credit for that. This came out during an era where so many horror films ended up just trying to repeat the formula of the Big Three and Superstition seems more influenced by the Italian horror of the decade previous than the slasher trend that was in full force. This shows most through the movie's style, with some wonderful shots that are as creative as some of the movie's pretty great deaths.

As it stands, all the possessed saw blades in the world can't cut through Superstition's problems. It is a very predictable movie that falls victim to its own low budget and a lack of innovation outside of its murdering.

WATCH if you have a habit of crawling through windows and want to be scared straight. DON'T WATCH if you lack the capability of fast forwarding to the gore scenes.