Dune Double Bill (including Part 2 midnight screening!)

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"My road leads into the desert. I can see it."

On February 29th, we're bringing Dune: Part One back to the big screen at Light House, which will be the first half of a Double Bill with a midnight screening of Dune: Part Two rounding off the night!

In Part One we see the young Paul Atreides move to the desert planet Arrakis, entrenching his family in a conflict over the universe's most precious asset - the spice - while Paul faces his own conflicts concerning his great destiny.

Part Two sees Paul join the native people of Arrakis, the Fremen to take down a common enemy and embrace his destiny, for better or worse.

Be among the first to see the second instalment of Denis Villeneuve's Dune series at Light House, Tickets for both films are on sale now - pre-booking is strongly advised.

🎟 Dune: Part One - www.lighthousecinema.ie/film/dune-part-one
🎟 Dune: Part Two - www.lighthousecinema.ie/film/dune-part-two