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  • Begotten



    I originally watched this when someone posted it on 4chan's /x/ board circa 2008, and it scared me more than any other thing I'd seen on the internet (I think it was even posted on LiveLeak). Rewatched it assuming that it'd come across like a sophomoric film student's idea of a philosophical experimental film. Wasn't expecting the ideas to fade away and a Peter Gidal of cosmic horror to take over.

  • Onward Lossless Follows

    Onward Lossless Follows


    I interviewed Michael Robinson for The Brooklyn Rail here.

    From the intro:

    Michael Robinson’s newest video work, Onward Lossless Follows (2017), takes a trip over desert landscapes to the great digital future unknown. Along the way, stock videos show women celebrating in front of their laptops, horses fly, and an unsettling meet-up burgeons into a relationship full of love and loss. It’s par for the course for Robinson’s remixing of footage that’s plenty “off” all on its own, but, under…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Guardians of the Galaxy earned $94 million on its opening weekend. It helped Disney break $1 billion in domestic revenue this year, marking 2014 as the ninth year for the studio to do so. Guardians of the Galaxy had an estimated $170 million budget and has already made that money back in domestic returns. Within the coming weeks, the global market will nearly double this domestic return.

    The film ends with a title card promising that the Guardians will return.…

  • Snow Dogs

    Snow Dogs


    At least the dogs didn't die.