Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

Guardians of the Galaxy earned $94 million on its opening weekend. It helped Disney break $1 billion in domestic revenue this year, marking 2014 as the ninth year for the studio to do so. Guardians of the Galaxy had an estimated $170 million budget and has already made that money back in domestic returns. Within the coming weeks, the global market will nearly double this domestic return.

The film ends with a title card promising that the Guardians will return. This title card was made in post-production, but likely guaranteed in pre-. They did the math, so we're getting another movie nobody asked for. Everyone is slightly enthused.

By comparison, The Immigrant cost $16 million to make. It made back only $5 million in total revenue, mostly in part to no marketing and poor distribution.

This cost ten The Immigrants to make. It's also fine. It's guaranteed to be fine. There's enough talent to prevent it from being bad, but enough shareholders to prevent it from taking the risks to be great. At the current rate that Guardians of the Galaxy and its mutant brethren take up the limited pool of studio funding, it's increasingly hard to maintain a live-and-let-live policy for studio sure-bets, even when they're fun.

Let's start talking about these in terms of the economy that drives them, because that's the most interesting language at work here.

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