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  • Porco Rosso
  • The Thing
  • Coup 53
  • Center Jenny

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  • My Love Story!!

    My Love Story!!


    optimistic slice-of-life bright dramedy with a focus on the small stuff that we try to sweat and then leave to fester, self-doubt, body / self-image, petty problems, in the tangle of new love. Pop the bubbles and water the soil.

    prefer the manga. Decent adaption, but stylistically adapted too cleanly, like not-all-but-most mainstream stuff post 2000's digi-paint era. Decent-enough translating and intertwining of Aruko's illustrative quirks into movement and set-pieces.
    Both voice acting teams did a decent job as well,…

  • Witch's Cradle

    Witch's Cradle


    i wanted to catch it with the camera, the roll is filled with glimpses.

    it's all filled with sketches, files, catch it catch it catch it. i blink and it's lost, i fear time. i want to catch. It was there then it was not, but i saw it. There's no finished record of it, but a picture i took right a millisecond afterwards.
    I'm getting lost. from cut to cut. i'm tuning in and out. I can't sit still,…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    Cultivation of Regret, Breeding Regret

    Incredible craft, but emotionally becomes a dead end for me.

    I empathize, i admire, i relate too much, i’ve had the thoughts and still have them on the worst of days and periods, but ive gotta move on from the absolute self-defeatism of this. 

    I have had to coach myself to understand “It’s never too late.” Of course, easier said than done. Shit, man ! I know that too well.

    Shoutout to my grandpa who started painting…

  • Daddy Duck

    Daddy Duck

    For some reason, Donald adopts a baby.