Scream ★★★½

Like all Scream sequels since the original, this one seems like a terrible idea that should go wrong in a hundred different ways. Even moreso than the others, this one should absolutely be bad since this one has neither Craven (who the film is dedicated to) or Williamson involved. But, like all Scream sequels since the original, it somehow pulls it all off anyways to make an incredibly entertaining horror flick.

 It helps that “legacy sequels” is the richest vein of satire material they’ve had since Scream 2 (the reboot angle in 4 was diluted by the fact that it couldn’t be a pure reboot; a conundrum this one addresses head-on). It also helps that this is maybe the best cast top to bottom since the original with the new additions (particularly Barrera, Ortega, Quaid, and Savoy Brown) more than capable of carrying the weight of the story and holding their own against the originals (who are wisely in more of a supporting position this time).

If the satire is more blunt and less elegant this time around, that’s a natural consequence of shifting creative teams. And one particular reference point to a non-horror controversial legacy sequel doesn’t really track as well as the film wants it to. But the high points of this one more than outweigh the lows and I am happy to still be able to assert that there are no bad Scream movies.

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