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  • Badlands



    Kit and Holly hit the road and end up being connected to several murders including Holly’s own father as they dedicate their love to each other and escape their hometowns. Badlands score sticks out and reminds me so much of True Romance Jamaican steel drum anthems that seem to shine over brutal violence, almost in efforts to downplay the twisted tour of death this couple is inflicting on mostly strangers. Badlands feels like the grandfather of Natural Born Killers, the…

  • Lawless



    Shia LaBeouf plays the younger sibling of a famous alcohol bootlegger in the height of southern prohibition in the late 1920’s, avoiding the law and trying to stake their claim in the Moonshine business, Chicago sends in their big guns, a polished and well suited bully tyrant of a psychopathic cop that will do anything he can to stop the illegal Nascar roots of bootlegging liquor in underground distilleries all across the american south. insert a important side story of…

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  • mid90s



    Mid90’s took my spot for “movie of the year” yesterday after I saw it. it’s a beautiful story, a love letter to the underlooked suburban settings of los angeles and it’s such a well written coming age story with skateboarding as it’s backbone.

    shot on 16mm Kodak, Mid90’s glows. the grit and hue add such a cool element to this film. it feels warm and consistently like a summer break. the black concrete, store fronts, traffic, potholes and packs of…

  • Roma



    an absolute perfectly executed masterpiece of human emotion, loss and family. beautiful in every way and even better the second time around.