Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★

Ready or Not isn’t your common thriller film although it possesses so many qualities of conventional horror and thriller films and right out of the gate based on its plot alone we are so invested in this high stakes game an affluent family is making a new bride play in order to earn her keep in her new family. guided by her new husband (Mark O’Brien also, jesus christ this dude is a bland actor), she’s thrown into an evil and disturbing game of Hide and Seek where she quickly figures out that she (Samara Weaving) must be killed.

my biggest gripe (besides the ending) of this film was the very huge and obvious degrees in which acting chops were not equally distributed by actors in this film. our female lead is forgettable. our male co-star has a “puzzled/I have to pee” scowl on his face at all times and some extremely cricket inducing one liners and attempts at “dark comedy which is paired by pretty standard cinematography. in terms of color grading this film has a strange sepia tone to it which I didn’t mind if it were to make up for every category that it did lack in.

BUT alas, I was VERY entertained. I liked the dialogue of so many scenes, some of the violence felt well placed in terms of the climbing escalation of the story but unfortunately it started to feel like B rated horror for me and the ending is simply unforgettable. a quick note to everyone attempting to write horror in the coming years: can we give the satanic shit a break already?

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