• Badlands



    Kit and Holly hit the road and end up being connected to several murders including Holly’s own father as they dedicate their love to each other and escape their hometowns. Badlands score sticks out and reminds me so much of True Romance Jamaican steel drum anthems that seem to shine over brutal violence, almost in efforts to downplay the twisted tour of death this couple is inflicting on mostly strangers. Badlands feels like the grandfather of Natural Born Killers, the…

  • Lawless



    Shia LaBeouf plays the younger sibling of a famous alcohol bootlegger in the height of southern prohibition in the late 1920’s, avoiding the law and trying to stake their claim in the Moonshine business, Chicago sends in their big guns, a polished and well suited bully tyrant of a psychopathic cop that will do anything he can to stop the illegal Nascar roots of bootlegging liquor in underground distilleries all across the american south. insert a important side story of…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    although a bit clunky and repeating series of scenes feeling a bit underfunded and cheap, the Invisible Man serves it’s purpose as a tension spewing action thriller. very telling of it’s release that coincides with the #metoo movement our strong female lead is being harassed, stalked and at times almost killed by her ex boyfriend who has somehow developed a suit who makes him invisible. as our lead tries her best to convince everyone around her, she seems desperate and…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    Wong Kar-Wai’s Fallen Angels blends the lines between a romantic relationship and the action packed adventures of a gun toting  drug kingpin, who is female which adds an incredible twist to how 90’s crime syndicates operate. in consistent swaying and explosive color fashion, Wong’s cinematography shines as we experience another timeless film about people, their professions and how their lives intertwine. an absolute classic and some of the most quotable cinematic sequences in modern day filmmaking. this is a masterclass how to come across effortlessly but absolutely nail every drop of the human experience. masterpiece.

  • Mister America

    Mister America


    Tim Heidecker’s journey in a ongoing bit that spans almost a decade and a fake trial that aired on Comedy Central all come full circle as he tries to become the District Attorney of San Bernardino, CA after beating a murder charge. inexperienced, drunk and crude Tim’s journey turns into a whirlwind of hilarious confusion as he takes on the campaign trail of the Inland Empire. this is a commitment to the bit and seriously hilarious. Mister America reminds me of a mash up between the Daily Show and multiple Borat films mixed with some modern day bureaucracy.

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    unbelievably dark and grim, zero opportunity for our characters here to achieve any sort of relief from their circumstances as they are locked in a Lodge with their fathers new mentally unstable girlfriend. while grieving our two leads are teenagers who are not able to forgive and take the loss of their mother a step further with sociopathic torture, but who ultimately seals their fate of survival and just how far would you go for revenge? beyond bleak.


    i’m back Letterboxd fam!

  • TFW No GF

    TFW No GF


    bleak and awkward this film is like trudging your way through deep mud and debris as you try to come to some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. there is little to no hope here but, I admire its attempts at not sugar coating or painting unrealistic picture of this strange and rather unknown subculture of isolation and misery. it’s an interesting journey to see which one of these young men will come out of this flooded…

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    two unsuspecting neighbors replace each other’s void in partners while they’re away on business trips. fighting loneliness and filling in the gaps of their individual relationships, it also makes you wonder if our two leads are thrust into their current predicament because of their close living quarters. this film offers a narrative on traditional and crammed living spaces and the relationships that might spawn from them. compared to some of Wong’s other work, we see a lot of stable and…

  • Suburbia



    Penelope Spheeris sheds her first coat of skin with SUBURBIA, a classic time capsule of 1980’s Los Angeles punk rocks angst, violence and odd bonds of friendship. although clunky and oddly edited as well as being shot on very rough 16mm the overall takeaway is as “DIY” as you can imagine any grassroots punk rock gig from the time frame. raw and in your face. *sex and violence, sex and violence*

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    “... I want you to be telephone fucking terrorists!”

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a non conventional and brilliantly executed tale of a relationship that spawns in the shadow of arranged marriages and it’s unfair challenges. the way this film dances with color, natural lighting and our two beautiful and strong female leads in and out of lust and longing for each other makes for a movie that has such well placed tension and heart shattering reality. this is my first truly “perfect” film of 2020 and…

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    Sidney Flanigan and her cousin Skylar embark on a four day trip to New York City to get Sidney a late term abortion. being underage (17) Sidney is faced with the uncomfortable and embarrassing stigma of being a potential young mother. the uncertainty looms over her and she tries to make the biggest decision of her life. surrounded by male counterparts, within her life and society this film does a great job at portraying how opportunistic and predatory men are…