First time watch for me. Not as nice looking as Lenzi's other giallos but perhaps a bit tighter and more engaging. Ines Pellegrini (Salo) basically steals the show because of her style and physicality. So many absurd plot points and reveals... not sure it even makes sense but fun ride. And the 88 Films Blu-ray is solid.

In my opinion, Lenzi's strength was in euro crime films. I love his contributions to the giallo and the cannibal genre but his direction shines with films like Violent Naples.

88 Films Blu-ray

-Brand New 2018 2K Transfer and Restoration with Extensive Colour Correction exclusive to this Release.
-DTS-HA MA Dual Mono English and Italian Soundtracks with newly translated English subtitles for the Italian track.
-ALL EYES ON LENZI: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE ITALIAN EXPLOITATION TITAN - Brand new feature length documentary (80 minutes) detailing the work and legacy of Rome's most prolific grindhouse nightmare-maker. Features never-before-seen interview footage with Umberto Lenzi himself and comments from critics John Martin,Manlio Gomarasca and Rachael Nisbet, academics Calum Waddell and Mikel Koven, actors Danilo Mattei and Giovanni Lombardo Radice and director and writer Scooter McCrae!!
-Eyeballs on Martin Brochard: 2018 Interview with Actress Martine Brochard
-Audio Commentary by the Gialli loving Podcast, The Hysteria Continues
-Eyeball Locations Featurette