First Blood

Revisited for the first time in approx. 10 years. I absolutely love this film and feel it truly holds up. (not a fan of any of the sequels)

Kotcheff's craft when it comes to action is so underrated... that cliff diving scene is simply one of the most exhilarating, jaw-dropping, "how the hell did they do that" scenes ever committed to celluloid.

Beautifully shot by Andrew Laszlo.
35 mm (Eastman 100T 5247, 250T 5293)
Not sure which lenses (If anyone knows, please let me know)

Here is a cool excerpt from Laszlo's book "Every frame a Rembrandt: art and practice of cinematography" (2000):

"For some reason, the Canadian camera crews would not do
helicopter work. I know it wasn't a question of money, but I
believe they considered helicopter work dangerous. Of course,
they were right. After I imported a helicopter expert from Holly-
wood, whose work turned out to be unusable, I ended up doing
the shots myself. Wearing a kind of safety harness, I stood with
one foot on the runner of the chopper, camera on shoulder, and
held on to the chopper with my left hand as I made shot after shot
of the Deputy firing at Rambo.

When the production stills came back, showing me shooting
from the chopper, they clearly showed the tail rotor of the helicop-
ter being dangerously close to the rock wall behind us. A camera-
man, looking through the viewfinder of a camera, soon forgets the
real world, and becomes involved with only what is visible in the
frame. While adjusting and composing the shot, I gave directions
to the pilot to go a little higher, lower, to the right, and to the left.
The pilot, complying with those directions, forgets at times that by
doing what the cameraman wants him to do, the chopper may be
brought into dangerous positions."

Watched on Blu-ray