Hard Times

Yet again, I may have watched this in the past but watching this new restoration is like watching the film for the first time. Found it more engaging than I remember. James Coburn steals the show.

From IMDB trivia... I identify with this:

Walter Hill says his cinematographer Philip H. Lathrop was incredibly useful during the shoot: "Before we started I was in my office later at night and Lathrop came by, noted I wasn't in a good mood. "Anything wrong?" I had never done it, worried if I will make it look alright. He immediately said, "Don't worry about that. We will make a film, make the shots. If you are having a problem we will make the shots. I can already tell you you are ahead of other directors." He said, "Anything we shoot we will cut together." He said, "The problem that you're going to have is making everybody getting along and you getting what you want." And he was of course 100 %right. That is the problem with direction. Beyond my first or second film, I don't think I've ever had terrible dilemmas based upon resources, but shooting and figuring out how is not a problem, never was. The problems that you have are getting everybody to be on the same page".

Watched the Eureka/Masters of Cinema Blu-ray (Dual format). Nice extras:
- A new interview with producer Lawrence Gordon
- A new interview with composer Barry DeVorzon
- NFT Audio Interview with director Walter Hill
- Original theatrical trailer
- A booklet featuring new and archival writing