High Life

High Life

So happy I saw this on the big screen and had the opportunity to do so in Vancouver... at a multiplex. Not exactly the locale I'm used to being in when seeing a Claire Denis film.

I'm sure this will be one of my faves of the year. I felt as helplessly lost as the characters and that's a good thing. My fave Mia Goth performance so far. And the Yorick Le Saux cinematography is a nice blend of film and digital.

Arri Alexa (scenes in the spaceship)
Runcam Scope Camera 35 mm (in the black hole)
Super 16 mm (scenes on earth)

The Runcam Scope Camera 35 mm is not 35mm film, it is literally a camera inside a scope meant for rifles.

And Interesting how the production design (which resembles a direct-to-video Alien ripoff circa 1993) totally works in this context while it would have been Mystery Science Theater material back in the day.

Watched at Cineplex Odeon Scotia Bank Vancouver