LOVE IT! And I wasn't expecting to. By far Todd Philips's best film... the type of film I expected Todd to have been making his entire career. (I went to NYU with him and was always surprised by his mainstream films because his sensibility in school was punk rock and rebellious.)

Time traveling production design by Mark Friedberg. Kudos to the entire set direction team.

Lawrence Sher is one of the greatest DP's working right now. He shot this on:
Arri Alexa 65, Hasselblad Prime DNA Lenses
Arri Alexa LF, Hasselblad Prime DNA Lenses
Arri Alexa Mini, Hasselblad Prime DNA Lenses

I watched a 70mm film print at The Park Theater in Vancouver. Absolutely gorgeous. Try to see a print if possible. It really polishes the digital look.

By the way, I spoke to the nice folks at Fotokem about the title sequence because I thought the titles looked like true old school opticals. They informed me that the filmmakers did a "film-out" on the opening titles on to print stock. That film-out was then scanned back in at 4k. (So technically if one watches a film print, they are watching titles that are two generations from digital.) Looks amazing! (I did this on Florida but went to archival stock instead of print stock, which worked but not as perfectly as Joker - now I know better)