Love in the Afternoon

I love Billy Wilder but besides some great images, this film didn't do much for me. Audrey Hepburn (who was 27) and Gary Cooper (who was 55 but looked 70) are not a sexy couple. Supposedly the age difference led to the film's critical and financial failure.

From IMDB trivia: A line was dubbed into the release print to dispel the impression that Audrey Hepburn's and Gary Cooper's characters actually have sex in their many afternoon meetings in his hotel room. As he is moving out of frame in Maurice Chevalier's office, Cooper obviously replaces a different filmed line in voiceover, and says, "I can't get to first base with her." This appears to be an effort at self-censorship, given the clear implications of sexual intimacy that come before this scene.

Watched the Warner Archives Blu-ray. No extras.