Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

So... saw this on opening weekend in LA at the New Beverly Cinema on 35mm. The pre-show at the New Bev is great. A perfect set-up for the film.

So I am just now logging this film (on 8/14) because I wanted to see it twice before commenting on it. (Saw it again last night in Vancouver) Many people have said to me that the film gets better on second viewing and because I didn't have the rapturous response that most people have for this film, I wanted to give it another watch.

Well, the 2nd viewing didn't change my initial thoughts. I like the performances, production design and some of the set-pieces, however (and maybe it is because I'm also in love with the era) I'm questioning too many choices. Ultimately, the amount of coincidences and missed opportunities for making a true social statement, leaves me appreciating the film but not loving it. But I must say that the idea of Dalton doing an Antonio Margheriti film set me aquiver.

For those who might be upset with my reaction, please keep in mind that I supported the film twice in theaters. And I'm sorry but I won't be replying to comments on this entry. There's a lot to discuss with this film and I simply don't have to time to engage in that discussion online. :)

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