Paris Is Burning

Watching the new 4K restoration of this classic was like watching the film for the first time. So many details in that ball that I had not noticed before. Also this is the first time I'm truly appreciating Paul Gibson's 16mm cinematography. That last shot of Venus Xtravaganza having a smoke on the pier, next to a classic boom box and against the last moments of dusk is heartbreakingly beautiful.

One of the most important films ever made in my opinion. According to IMDB, Jennie Livingston is in post-production on her follow-up feature. She's done shorts and TV in the years since Paris. Hope she graces us with this new feature soon.

Check out how good this restoration looks:

Digitally remastered by the UCLA Film and Television Archive in conjunction with Sundance Institute and Outfest UCLA Legacy Project. Preservation funded by Sundance Institute, Outfest and the Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation.

Watched at the Rio Theater, Vancouver.