I knew nothing about this film besides it being Nicolas Pesce's follow-up to his cool debut The Eyes of my Mother. Turns out to be a love letter to Giallo films complete with music tracks from Deep Red, Tenebre and The Red Queen Kills Seven Times. (those were the three I recognized - may be more cool deep cuts)

Christopher Abbott and Mia Wasikowska are both great. Mia is quickly becoming one of my faves. She is always interesting to watch and her performance has moments of subtle beauty - a lip twitch or eye roll.

I only know DP Zack Galler from She's Lost Control. I'll be following him. He did a wonderful job with this film. Every frame is controlled and beautiful. Art direction by Naomi Munro and production design by Alan Lampert is giallo goodness all the way. Plus, very cool use of miniatures.

I understand this is based on a Ryū Murakami novel but I wish Pesce took liberties and fleshed out a third act. It ends a bit abruptly. I was looking forward to spending more time with the characters.

Saw it at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver as part of the Rio Grind Fest.
Releases in Feb in the States.