The Nightingale

Loved Jennifer Kent's The Babadook and knew her follow-up would be accomplished but I didn't expect anything like this. I don't want to spoil anything but it's important for me to mention that this film is extremely violent. It may just be the most violent film I've ever seen. And because the violence is rooted in realism and not pulp, it is extremely disturbing.

I'm sick of hearing about snubs every awards season because in the end, success at awards season is about PR... and how much money is put in to PR. But the lack of recognition of this one stings a little. The Nightingale and Jennifer Kent deserve major props.

The feature has a 1.37 : 1 aspect ratio which works very nicely in capturing the tall trees of the Tasmanian forests. (Of course, I would have preferred film but DP Radek Ładczuk did a wonderful job with lighting and framing)

Shot on Arri Alexa Plus 4:3, Panavision P-vintage and C-Series Lenses

Watched on the big screen at Vancouver Intl. Film Centre