Wheels of Fire

I've started my Cirio H. Santiago deep dive. Pray for me.

Of course I’ve seen TNT Jackson and knew of his prolific career and relationship with Corman but after watching Naked Vengeance a few weeks ago, I decided that I'm going to give Cirio H. Santiago's filmography a swing. I probably won't be able to see any of his pre “international films” with English subtitles but if someone knows of where I can find them, please let me know. And does anyone know if there's a doc about Santiago?

It's really interesting watching a Road Warrior rip-off from the Philippines. Very different than Italy's post-apocalyptic romps. (Might not be as good as 1990: Bronx Warriors but definitely better than After The Fall Of New York. ) There are underground sand people, telepathic damsels, cannibalism, a rocket ship and mute dwarf thrown in for comic relief. To play internationally, these films had to be as westernized as possible so the leads and main supporting characters are primarily white while most of the background extras are disguised Filipinos, in make-up or wearing helmets.

And just as exploitative as you'd expect from Corman in that era. Lynda Wiesmeier (Real Genius, Malibu Express) is captured by the bad gang and they drive through the desert with her tied-up topless on the hood of the main bad dude's car.

So... I'd say this is a very positive start to this journey.

Watched the Code Red Blu-ray:
Special Features: Interview with Roger Corman, Interview with producer Clark Henderson, Interview with writer Fred Bailey, Two different trailers