Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

Doing my best to complete the Sergio Martino filmography. Finally watched my Arrow Films Blu-ray of this title. One of his best imho.

Arrow's Blu-ray looks fantastic. Great extra features.

And for fans of Edwige Fenech... this is a must-see. She photographs beautifully and has some great scenes. (I love that Eli Roth put her in Hostel: Part II.) She gets top billing, although she doesn't appear until 32 minutes into the film. Perhaps because she was married to producer/writer Luciano Martino (Sergio's brother).

Beautifully shot by Giancarlo Ferrando. Ferrando is a strange one... he was so talented yet never was tapped for many productions outside of genre. IMDB lists his most successful film as being Troll 2.