Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★★

I think there is something transcendent to the best Varda's works, and this is definitely one of them, and that is the reason I love them.
This film shows the painted murals of Los Angeles as a reflection of the diverse city, and as a proxy for its people. And it's clear that Agnes Varda loves people. She treats everybody with love and compassion, and she is always on the side of the opressed, like the racialized black and latino communities who find solace in creating murals, because galleries would not take their art. The film shows the pain of these people, but it also shows the joy. We know of the violence that they suffer - at one point an interviewee mentions that the police had made violence even worse, beating up the people in gangs instead of helping. But art offers salvation - the creation of a mural brings people together. It's an expression of the unheard, and it's transient, and that is its beauty.

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