Emma. ★★★★

"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."

what! utter! fucking! chaos! similar to what gerwig did last year, de Wilde comes in and makes an old story seem brand new. she makes it savory and chaotic and downright fucking stylish.

every (and i mean EVERY) shot is a painting. a few of my faves being Knightley laying down on the floor in front of a painting, the spacing of the title to introduce emma, and the multiple wide shots that knocked me off my fucking feet. it was eye candy that didn't give you a headache because it was preceded by a balanced meal. there was substance all around it, but it always looked good. it felt well-paced and the timing made sense, if not a little predictable. but i always love chapters in movies, and again, they were done stylishly.

anya taylor-joy really is one of the greats of this generation and she never can disappoint. the costume design was next level to the point where it stressed me out to think about how hard they worked on them.

de Wilde's direction fucking rocked. it was badass and cool and perfect for this. every single shot worked. every line landed. the fucking nosebleed? CHAOTIC AND BEAUTIFUL.

i haven't watched a movie in two weeks because ive been hellishly busy, and im so glad that this was waiting for me when i came back down to earth. there is so much here to love. anya taylor-joy, the cinematography, bill nighy, de Wilde's direction, the costumes. all of it really worked.

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