The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

some details of this masterpiece that i love
-how during their third time shooting, abigail literally pointed her gun right at sarah for over a minute 
-how queen anne’s cape/dress has bunny tails all over it
-how the maid who treated abigail like shit at the beginning is the one who waits on her at the end
-how sarah kept the model of the palace anne was gonna build her
-“love has limits” “it should not” at the beginning vs. “i will not lie. that is love” at the end
-how sarah says that love has limits but then says her love of country has no limits 
-how queen anne asks if sarah got hurt by wolves because abigail had said her dress was ruined by wolves and anne thought she was being serious
-at the beginning, sarah refuses to pet anne’s rabbits and feels comfortable refusing because she in in favor. after abigail has become the queen’s maid, the queen asks her to pet them again, sarah says “of course”. she knows she has less power and bends to her will.
-during the first meeting of harley, sarah, and godolphin, lanthimos cuts to abigail for a portion of the conversation of godolphin saying re: harley “he is a useful ally but a dangerous enemy”, foreshadowing abigail’s later alliance w harley
also shoutout to sandy powell

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