Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★

“I’m gonna be in the same position I’m in already. Only, it’s gonna get better. Only, everything is gonna work out. Except it won’t!” 

There are few films that have cut me deep, or cause me to hang on every word from the main character, because I, too, have said those words. Take Me Out is one of those films. Writer and director Fritz Frauendorf tells the story of Bruce, a young man, whose battle with depression begins to spiral out of control. Though his friends try to pick him up, Bruce can't shake his depression. His mind unable to escape this darkness. 

Take Me Out is exceptionally filmed as we not only witness Bruce going through his depression, but the aesthetic, coloring, and overall surroundings, amplifies Bruce's inner turmoil. With homages to some of the great films dealing with similar material, Take Me Out pays tribute to such films, while creating it's own heart-breaking, and deeply personal, story.

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