Shame ★★★★★

Only Steve McQueen can make me depressed while watching a sex scene.

In front of it stands finds his favorite actor, Michael Fassbender playing a sex addict, who is just perfect as well as Carey Mulligan, very convincing as his lost and desperate sister. The story, simplistic dialogues, is based solely on the gestures of its actors and particularly on the atmosphere created.

Thanks to his visual style, the director creates a deep and human atmosphere throughout the duration of this film with sensuality without any huge scenario and offers superb sequences as well as a beautiful editing. Failing to be emotional, the staging is effective and plunges us into this period of a man's depressing life with mastery.

The motion picture is realistic, the camera is often fixed and you can fully feel the suffering of the character. The sex scenes are quite raw to the point that it becomes unhealthy.
Deeply original, disturbing and pessimistic, this film asks many unanswered questions and leaves a lasting mark on the mind.

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