Warrendale ★★★★

From a simple filmmaking perspective, this film worked for me. However, I have been reading more and more about how a lot of this might have been staged for the cameras and how perhaps the fact cameras were filming some of these scenes at all borders on exploitative; how the therapeutic practices at Warrendale were quack science and further harmed the children's well-beings (I did find them quite weird and counterintuitive, but I tried to just go with it for the sake of fulling absorbing the film); and that there have been allegations of emotional and sexual abuse that took place at Warrendale.

So yeah, I feel conflicted about how I should feel about this even though so many critics have lauded it as a masterpiece of its kind.

But I guess from a filmmaking perspective, more particularly that of a cinéma vérité, and because none of the allegations seem to have been substantiated or fully investigated, I am okay rating it a 4/5 solely on its technical and filmmaking merits.