Dogtooth ★★½

Film #6 - 30 Movies, 30 Countries Challenge - Greece

I'm not sure of how to start...

I can see the formal/aesthetic choice, and I don't question it (the way it is shot, very bright, almost washed-out colours, lots of lights, lots of straight lines, hardly any sinous lines, hardly any shadows, it's hot, yet the film is cold, mechanic, austere, frigid, almost clinical sometimes, it reminds me a bit of some Haneke).
And yeah the family is odd & radical, the children, young adults behaving like children, sterile, bland, with no emotion and tamed like animals, dogs... and yes, perhaps we can see it as a parable of totalitarianism.
I think it's just a question of taste, basically the film didn't do much to me, it didn't resonate with me, but at the same time I can see its artistic value.