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This review may contain spoilers.

My favourite bit is the cliff jump. And my favourite bit about the cliff jump is the old guy fucking it up. Why did he think he could just fall feet first like that and die? I mean, what was he thinking? His wife got it spot on, and he goes and fucks it up. What an embarrassment. It makes you wonder if it was typical of him. We never find out much about the pair of them, but you just know it was typical of him to be a fucking embarrassment like that. You just know she's had to put up with decades of him making all these blunders, like going up the loft and putting his foot through the ceiling, or forgetting to bring the passports when they're about to get on a flight. I bet he forgot to bring the passports for their flight to the festival. I bet she told him she just knew he'd fuck it up and forget, like he fucks up everything. And I bet she told him he'd probably fuck up the cliff jump as well. And he did.

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