Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★★

i really don't think i've ever teared up so early in a film .. it was within the first three minutes. sometimes it takes viewing something (particularly something you think you're so familiar with) from an outsider's perspective to really, truly adore and appreciate it. varda's charm, removed from her familiar french landscape, allows for a new look at this foreign city and what it has, does, and will hold in its past, present, and future.

the way she works to capture the history, both presently in the time of the film as well as the deep rooted culture of los angeles, carves away at what makes the city so incredibly beautiful and diverse. for me, the murals were always intricately tied to los angeles livelihood -- driving down the street or on the freeway and glancing up at these large, imposing, visual stories.

and while watching this, i remembered how documentaries are such an honest form of preservation -- this is one overarching narrative that gives voice to all the other artists it displays, giving them their opportunity to discuss their work, which is something so incalculable to an artists expression. these muralists defy the idea of institutionalized painting and art, and therefore don't simply have a placard next to their work to disclose the pertinent information regarding their art’s history and background. its thus the way varda engages with these artists and allows them to bring light to the dark underbelly of one of the most sprawling cities in america that is so stunning in its execution. the character of the storytelling itself makes it all so accessible, with varda's charm shining through in one of the most wonderful, honest, insightful works of her oeuvre.

(also this is such a sweet precursor to faces places, in which she, along with JR, make and engage with their own murals -- she brings the angeleno mentality back to her home country to engage the french in a vast physical space to display and tell their stories as well)

((i will come back to divulge more at a later date -- but i also have such a critique on the murals now made in los angeles -- they're in part made to be shared on social media, and in that instance of their inception, they lack depth and originality, made to be less confrontational and instead more palatable to the masses))