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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    It's been so long since I first watched it and I still love it so much..or maybe more if that's possible. One of my favourites <3
    Also the soundtrack is the best.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    Probably watching this before I go to sleep wasn't the best idea I ever had.

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  • End of Watch

    End of Watch


    This movie has everything for me. It has comedy, drama, action, a great friendship and an incredible cast (it even has a Mazzy Star song<3). My only problem was the directing, I mean ok, I get it they mind want to make it look more "real" but it was so annoying...especially in the start.

  • The Spectacular Now

    The Spectacular Now


    I'm not sure about this yet... In the start I thought it was another romantic teen movie and I wasn't really interesting in it because I was expecting what will happen. But nope, I was wrong this movie is much more deep and from the start until the end you can see how big the development of Miles Teller character is.

    Also, the chemistry between Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley is so nice that make it much more enjoyable to…