A Woman Under the Influence

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I can't really rate this right now, as I feel that it's one that I'll have to think on more but I can say I liked it.

The performances, as most people probably know, are fantastic. Rowlands is the one most spoken of, as the lonely housewife whose mental health is questionable, but Peter Falk gives an almost equally as compelling performance as the masculine, aggressive husband who is embarrassed by his wife's behavior.

I think the film says something about society's reaction to mental illness and especially mental illness in women, as throughout the film Rowlands is constantly subject to those around her telling her she is crazy, yelling at her, and ultimately making things worse by doing so.
She is chastised by her husband and his mother for not making normal small talk at parties and seeming very aloof when around guests.
It's obvious she needs some sort of care that no one really wants to give her, and it's pretty heartbreaking even if the film doesn't really truly delve into what happens while she is away.
It's a film that I think is an interesting depiction of mental illness in general, if not specific.

The one real complaint I have is that at times the film feels meandering. One can attribute this to Cassavetes' style I supposed, though I haven't seen any of his other work yet. Nevertheless, I know why people rate this so highly and have yet to come up with my own score as I think of it.