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    Felt like walking out at various points throughout, and honestly kinda regret not doing so. I found it awful. Pretty much everything that made Get Out so good was absent here. The first half, in particular, was turgid and meandering. Interesting, also, that Lupita's acting was pretty bad in the first half, but she turned it around to be the best part of the movie. By far.

    Almost everything else was...bad. Characters made painfully stupid decisions even within internal logic…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    It never quite rises above the placid mediocrity of most Marvel flicks, but it's still a fun enough jaunt as Marvel's first magic-based movie (nearly 10 years after Iron Man!). The visual wizardry would have been greater if Inception had never existed, much of the plot is driven by convenience, and Strange being named as one of the Masters never really quite makes sense given his limited mastery of spells even by the end of the flick, BUT HEY it's a fun enough Marvel movie. Just a couple more and we get to Thanos and the end.

    3 stars may be a bit high but ehhh.