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  • Eerie


    Just because a Filipino movie looks great from a technical standpoint, it doesn't mean it's a good film. Eerie is aesthetically pleasing with its almost flawless cinematography and haunting moody atmosphere, but unfortunately, the story itself was poorly executed, ignoring to tackle its important themes (mental health/depression, suicide, eduction system of the Philippines, etc.) that could've made this horror film better. It tried so hard to scare its viewers by constantly using cheap and false jump scares every minute. They also think that it's so clever to name the film "Eerie" because the ghost's name in the film was "Eri", in short for "Erica". Lol ok.

  • Parasite



    Parasite is a mind-blowing social commentary that is clearly exemplifying how the poor and needy are often condescended upon by the rich and wealthy. The relevant theme of social class is what progresses the story.

    There’s also varying tones throughout the film, as the film started off as a surreal comedy about the family's dirty schemes... until the tone shifts into a more dark, weird, and heavy stuff during the second act, and the film's unpredictable twists were now introduced.…

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  • Hamilton



    Me knowing that Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton is finally coming to Disney+: 🎶How can I say no to this?🎶

    Me finding out that it will be released exactly on my birthday: 🎶Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!🎶

    Me finally watching it but the internet is a bit slow and the video sometimes buffers: 🎶I'm willin' to wait for it!🎶

    Me watching it and feeling envious to all people who get to witnessed this…

  • The Post

    The Post


    Just your typical based-on-a-true-story political film from Hollywood.

    Steven Spielberg's The Post isn't compelling enough for me to even care. Yes, it's an important film about the freedom of press packed with timely themes, but it felt pretty bland. Typical Oscar bait-y stuff.

    I love the ensemble cast tho. I thought they were great, especially Meryl Streep. She was such a joy to watch with her incredible performance and likeable character. I guess the film can get pretty watchable at times because of her.