Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

What a total blast and a whole lot of fun!

Ready Player One is a visual popcorn treat from start to finish. It's easy to appreciate this film because of its imaginative plot, beautiful world-building, and fun characters. It offers a great amount of action, humor, and pop culture references. Plus, it's easily rewatchable too and one of Steven Spielberg's pleasant surprises.

I decided to go read the book after seeing the film and as it turns out, the book was unsurprisingly great! It differs from the film in a lot of ways but still, every scene was a page-turner. Although I much prefer the actual challenges in the film adaptation because it's more fun and imaginative, especially when the characters went to The Overlook Hotel from The Shining and how they pay an incredible homage to the classic horror film.

The entire film (and the book) is unapologetically a fanboy service and nostalgia porn, which is great because sometimes we all need to just feel like a kid again.

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