Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

(at Metrograph in 35mm)

“Just look like we are a married couple, *spanning time*!”

There have many movies in my 20 years that have furthered my taste in cinema.When I was 8 it was back to the future and when I was 15 it was pulp fiction but I’ve always felt like I was missing something the more movies I watched and the more I started to grow out of my old favorites.Then came along buffalo 66 which has been one of my favorite films for prob the past 3-4 years or so.Buffalo 66 is full to the brim of anxiety, intimacy issues and fear of letting go of the past something’s I too feel like I have trouble with. 

It especially being connected to where i live where i grew up furthered my sorrow and feelings for this film as I only grew up an hour away from buffalo New York.it’s almost like an anchor to remind of home as it’s a perfect depiction of upstate all the way down to the Denny’s restaurant.Vincent Gallo all though an egotistical ass in real life is just so likable and funny and I just can’t not feel anything from him.This movie and brown bunny both prove that under gallos hard interior he is a just a sensitive man from upstate who’s trying to find love and acception through his art.Thats what I appreciate the most about Vincent Gallo and that’s why I connect to his films so much.

David Lynch once said a story can unfold within mile from you and I think personally buffalo 66 is perfect example of this. he uses the location of where he grew up to show his inner anxiety’s of coming to terms with home something I seem to have a hard time going back to since I came to the city.Not only is his directing so mesmerizing to watch but his acting and little mannerisms is what really sells it for me.The editing is also amazing and the use of changing aspect ratio isn’t annoying at all as they seem to come out of the skull of Gallo himself to depict his memory’s or fantasy’s (like the strip club) and is perfect way to make sure the film never lags.Im not gonna spoil the ending to anyone who hasn’t seen this masterpiece yet but it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen that helps a character come to terms with them self’s.This film will probably never leave my top 10 films of all time thank you Vincent Gallo for making a film about upstate a film full of anxiety’s and a film I can personally relate to.

(Also I almost had a mental breakdown when sweetener by yes played at the end 😔✌🏻)

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