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  • Inception
  • Stuck in Love
  • Shelter
  • Jennifer's Body

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  • Deep Water


  • I Want You Back


  • Love Hard


  • The Voyeurs


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  • Interactive Introverts

    Interactive Introverts


    your girl's been horny on main for mr snot on fire for eight years running, but this summer y'all can catch me being equally as horny for phil and his accidental serial killer outfit.

    (that's... a joke. i cried for just about the entire duration of this when i saw it for the first time 'cause they're by far the most formative influences in my life and have saved me time and time again over the years. "you're as important to us as we are to you" made me weep in public, so. There Is That).

  • Ten Inch Hero

    Ten Inch Hero


    take a guess on why i watched this back in 09