28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★★

listen, i'm a simple gal. if you show me cillian murphy's dick within the first five minutes i'm obviously going to be sold on your movie, but if you show me cillian murphy's dick and have him covered in blood and rain mercilessly murdering the shit out of some attempted rapist? you'll have my undivided attention (also my love and respect). the sheer brilliance of that scene! having jim and selena kiss while he was covered in blood right after he just murdered that piece of crap? incredible. dare i say poetic.

now. (on the risk of sounding like a teenager) this movie is seriously cool. the cast is incredible, the score is all sorts of brilliant, and i love the idea of quarantine being applied here instead of the usual If It Killed Us It Must Have Killed The Rest of The World As Well logic that usually flies on post-apocalyptic films.

like. i kind of hate the whole rape storyline (trust me, we get it, it's not something you need to include in your narrative as a consequence for destruction of society as we know it, it's everpresent enough as it is) but other than that i'm all fucking in on this.

also... i seriously thought there was no way anything could top my snowpiercer-chris-evans thirst when it comes to films watched for the course i'm taking this semester, but bloody-and-wet-cillian-murphy takes the cake. all the cake. with his bloody fingers full of eyeball gunk. BIG sexy, fellas. huge!