• Closer



    This movie had me at that very first scene. Natalie gracefully sweeping through the London with her blue hair while Damien Rice sings "I can't take my eyes off of you". This movie is a tough blow to a romantic soul. Thankfully, I'm a realist and a somewhat depressive so it played out in the most delightfully gritty, raw, and painful way.

  • Footloose


    I watched this on a plane. The story line was preachy and infuriating. It contained some of the most irritatingly self-involved characters. After 30 mins, I took the moral high ground and fell asleep.

  • Moneyball



    This movie surprised me. I watched it on a plane with the aspect ratio of a garbage bin, so I can't say anything for the look of the film. It was definitely slow, but worth the extensive story-telling and character building for the emotional punch at the end.

  • The Fountain

    The Fountain


    Great soundtrack, great photography, but a bit of a snoozefest. A bit too artsy-fartsy esoteric for me. I like a movie with more meat!

  • Priest



    Sometimes I say that Paul Bettany is related to me. After watching this movie however... eesh. All you can to is point and scoff...

  • Ghost World

    Ghost World


    This movie made me feel like someone in the world got me.

    Seymour: What are we, in slow motion here? C'mon, what are you, hypnotized? Have some more kids, why don't you.

  • London Boulevard

    London Boulevard


    Continuing with my Colin Farrell marathon... This movie was dark enough, but lacked any sort of pacing. I wanted more action or more build up or more sexy snogging scenes. I did appreciate the abruptness of the ending.

  • Ondine



    I have this love affair with Colin Farrell. He's just that sort of sexy, dirty, grimy, broken-down sort I love in a leading man. But, I'll be honest, although this movie looked good at times it was a snoozer with the occasional lingerie swimming scene. They coulda dialed up the sexy snogging scenes...

  • Spy Game

    Spy Game


    Tony never disappoints. He didn't need to intercut an intense roof top dialog scene with a 360 shot from a freakin' helicopter, but he's Tony Scott.

    This used to be one of my favourite "this movie is awesome" films. The casting is spot on and it's quite the tear-jerker for an action flick.

  • Wild Things

    Wild Things


    I know why you're watching this flick and it ain't the witty dialog.

  • Alexander



    Since we don't actually know what ancient Macedonians sound like let's each pick a different accent!

    I see Angie's gone with the "crazed gypsy accent" while Mr Farrell went with the "vaguely European mumble accent", Val decided on "mostly Californian" and Anthony went for "jolly old British".

    *confused face*

  • The Lake House

    The Lake House


    The only thing that redeems Keanu's comical diction and wanton, theatrical side-glances is the Sad Keanu meme.