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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    Imagine you are hosting a dinner party. Everyone's enjoying themselves when suddenly, one of those terrifying horse-dog Boston Robotics things walks in on its hind legs wearing a suit. You spend the rest of the party growing more and more stunned and confused that everyone else is treating it like it is a normal human rather than a soulless abomination. And as it just flails about grotesquely, crashing into things and destroying your stuff, people just sort of smile fondly…

  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    A sweet film about children resiliently growing in a toxic and inhospitable world. Despite the incredibly tragic and morbid opening moments, it is a hopeful story; we get to look on as Zucchini moves into a better phase of life, like a damaged sapling being re-potted in fertile earth. The film plays out almost like falling action on the bell curve of a standard plot diagram, with the climax of the young character’s life happening on the onset, the remainder…

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  • Paterson



    I felt this film hum inside me for hours after the end credits rolled, warming me up from the inside as I walked down Sunset Blvd. at golden hour to get coffee. It didn't let up.

    I’ve tried for a couple days now to think about how to express how and why this film touched me as much as it did, and to do so as simply and elegantly as it did. Alas, I am no poet, so this needlessly…

  • Foxcatcher



    My 16-year old brother is a wrestler. Since he started the sport in the 7th grade, I have watched him transform, summer break to summer break, from a skinny, borderline-ADHD chatterbox into a wordless, muscled mass with eyes of steely resolve. Wrestling is what gave him focus and motivation at a time when he naively proclaimed school and most other things to be "useless", but where it granted him self-worth and purpose it has also taken away from the way…